About Us

Survey Dynamics Pty Ltd was established by three well respected Surveyors throughout the WA construction industry, Scott MacRae, Andre Dorrius & Chris Witt. All three Directors are actively involved in recruiting, employing, managing and supporting its staff to ensure that Survey Dynamics provides a comprehensive service to all its projects.

Through working on major construction projects in the past, Scott, Andre & Chris have a vast range of experience and knowledge in the surveying and construction industry. Together, they have contributed to the successful completion of many major roads and railways, sea-wall projects, major mine infrastructure works, railway duplication works and large earthwork projects. Their contributions have included set out and control of embankments, pavements, drainage, sea wall construction, as well as precision survey on major concrete and steel structures, along with the management and support of GPS machine control.

Survey Dynamics specialises in;

Road & Rail construction

Dam construction

Bulk Earthworks & Final Trim

Concrete & Infrastructure works

Machine Control

UAV & 3D Scanning

Project quantities

GPS & Conventional Survey

Metro & Remote locations