Principal:           Arc Infrastructure

Client:                Highway Construction

Location:           Kenwick, Western Australia

Status:               In-Progress


This project involves the construction of a freight terminal on a 17ha site adjacent to the rail line. It will include:

  • A rail welding area
  • Rail stowage for grinding and track machines
  • Administration buildings
  • Material storage facilities
  • Connections to the existing rail freight network

A key function of the facility will be the grinding and welding of rail, to replace sections of track across the freight network as needed.

Survey Dynamics are providing survey for the construction edge beam, retaining walls, service bays, pad raised to existing rail line, 40,000m3 of fill and 2,100m3 of concrete.

Surveying tasks include:

  • Asbuilt of formation
  • Culvert installation
  • Relocation and installation of new underground services
  • Provide formwork heights and set out of blinding for steelworkers and concrete
  • 1km of Aco drainage alongside formation