Principal:         Main Roads of Western Australia
Client:              Highway Construction
Location:         Port Hedland, Western Australia
Status:             Completed

The Australian and Western Australian Governments have joined forces with BHP to deliver safety improvements at three key rail crossings in the Pilbara. The main aim of these three projects is to improve road safety. A combined sum of 6,000 vehicles per day traverse these three rail crossings. Removing these crossing will not only remove the risk but also increase productivity by saving drive time.

Survey Dynamics have been contracted to provide survey for the construction of a road over rail bridge on Buttweld Road and two large roundabouts on Powell Road, one located at the intersection of Hamilton Road and another at Dalton Road, as part of Stage 1 of the project.

Survey Dynamics are offering detailed modelling and setout of bridge components, earthworks/road realignment, UAV drone surveys for volume reporting, machine control setup and support and as construct reporting.