Scott MacRae

About Scott

Mr MacRae has been in the survey industry for over twenty years. During this time he has acquired a vast range of experience from all aspects of Civil Construction, including large scale earthworks, roads, railways and also concrete and steel structures.

He has been a consultant to NRW looking after the Survey and quantities for the mining construction and infrastructure projects over the past 12 years.

Scott’s exceptional range of survey expertise and knowledge, coupled with his admirable leadership skills makes him an ideal person to have managing any civil construction project.

Scott is a crucial management member of our organisation, and is tireless in his efforts to make things work and happen for his projects. Having worked on small and large scale projects, in both metropolitan and remote locations, he is well aware of the level of service required for any project.


Mr MacRae is an Associate with the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute of Australia and holds a Diploma of Engineering & Mine Surveying.