UAV & 3D Scanning

Survey Dynamics UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) division provides a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for all applications of aerial surveying.

From mine site and large scale topographic surveys, to environmental monitoring fly overs, Survey Dynamics can safely deliver highly detailed and accurate spatial data for clients in Mining, Construction, Environmental and everyone in between.

Survey Dynamics CASA certified controllers have vast experience in field data capture and data processing. Utilising the latest technology in UAV’s and processing software Survey Dynamics highly skilled team ensures our clients receive the highest quality deliverables every time.

Flexible Aerial surveying solutions for

Mining and exploration: End Of Month surveys, ROM pad and stockpile volumes, Greenfield / Brownfield surveys, Pit surveys, project progression and mine planning.

Engineering and Construction: Feature and as-constructed surveys, drainage surveys, bulk earthworks and volume surveys, project progression.

Environmental management: Vegetation and rehabilitation progression, drainage planning and waterway monitoring, route planning.

Community and Town planning: Current aerial imagery, asset and heritage management.

Private Land holders and Primary producers: Current aerial photos, farm mapping and planning, vegetation and rehabilitation progression, plantation mapping, drainage planning and monitoring.

uav map top down
uav earthworks

Advantages of UAV aerial surveys

  • Increased safety
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced environmental Impact
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster data capture
  • Cost-effectiveness

Flexible software packages that deliver

  • High resolution ortho mosaics
  • 3D & Colourised point clouds
  • Digital terrain, surface and elevation models
  • String files
  • DXF’s
  • Contour and drainage plans
  • Volume calcualtions
  • CAD Drawings
  • 3D PDF’s
uav isometric
uav aerial

Streamline work flows to Safely Deliver on time, every time

Never compromising safety for efficiency, Survey Dynamics have implemented sound work flows that deliver safe, efficient and accurate results.

A high standard in safe and efficient operations cannot be out done by vigorous quality control measures when it comes to data analysis.

With a dedicated UAV division that delivers on time every time, Survey Dynamics can mobilise a team anywhere in the country. For more information on how Survey Dynamics UAV division can benefit you please feel free to contact the UAV specialists.